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Mathematics is quite a terrible subject for most students in school and we believe that a little practice can solve that problem, therefore our solutions focus on building concepts based on the fundamentals and also examine alternative methods to solve a problem. The Class 7 math program is designed to build a knowledge base among students so that they can easily learn concepts in the upper grades. To reinforce this conceptual foundation, Entrancei has prepared a list of math problems and answers for class 7. Class 7 maths questions are one of the most important resources for students preparing for the Class VII exam. The most important chapter questions will be selected and asked during the exams. Students also get a clear idea of the type of questions that can be asked and the methodology for answering them.


  • The solutions are explained step by step in a comprehensive way.
  • Solutions by chapter and exercise are also provided in PDF format, which students can download for free and access offline.
  • Formulas are mentioned among the steps to help students remember them easily.
  • In addition to clearing up doubts, these solutions also provide in-depth knowledge of their respective topics.
  • Keep visiting Entrancei for more up-to-date learning materials and download the Entrancei app for a better-personalized learning experience, along with engaging video lessons.


Class 7 is considered one of the crucial stages for students as it provides a solid foundation of the basics. Students under the advice of CBSE are advised to solve textbook problems to get a good score on the annual exams. While solving textbook problems, students can download the 7th-grade math chapter problems and answers in PDF on Entrancei to understand other ways to solve complex problems effortlessly. The solutions module is designed by Entrancei experts, keeping in mind the comprehension skills of the students.

1. How can I get good grades in 7th-grade math?

The concepts related to the chapters should be practiced thoroughly every day to control them. An adequate syllabus with an even distribution of time across all chapters will help students understand concepts more quickly. Reading the syllabus before starting the smart problems chapter will help you understand the priority of the concepts and work through them for the best results.

2.Where can you find the best class 7 maths questions?

Entrancei is preferred to be the best platform for finding important questions related to the 7th class math program. These questions are ideal in terms of quality and skill development among students.

3. How solving class 7 maths questions can help your preparation?

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects for CBSE students. It takes a lot of practice and understanding of the fundamentals to score well in the annual exams. Every problem covered in the book can be solved in different ways. The steps are explained interactively to give a clear idea among students about the types of problems that are important for the exam. The main benefits of solving and asking 7th class math questions are improved problem-solving skills, increased efficiency, and time management during an exam. Learn new techniques from the solutions provided for each set.

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