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All India Institute of Medical sciences is one of the topmost Institution for Medical aspirants, AIIMS Sample papers can help you a lot to score good in final exam .To get admission in AIIMS UG is there dream, so no doubt students have face a very healthy competition to get medical seat. In AIIMS Physics, Chemistry and Biology plays an equivalent role as 60 questions from Physics, 60 questions from chemistry and 60 questions from biology are asked, in spite of this 20 questions asked from general knowledge and reasoning based questions. Based on this pattern Physics Wallah prepared all the AIIMS Sample papers So there is one major difference in AIIMS UG paper pattern is all three subject have equal weightage and 20 questions from GK and reasoning based, a student should keep it in mind before starting the preparation. And always try to solve at least one AIIMS Sample papers in a week in his last days of preparations 

No doubt mock test , AIIMS Sample papers always helpful for a student who is preparing for competitive exams  But in case AIIMS UG paper it becomes very important to go through a good sample paper which have authentic questions  as we know AIIMS – UG paper does not revealed outside as it is computer based. 

Student who is going to attempt AIIMS-UG paper first time should practice lots of questions from AIIMS Sample papers, some good books also published which have memory based Paper of AIIMS-UG it gives clear cut idea how to attempt the paper and which types of questions generally asked in examination. An  AIIMS aspirant at least solve 25 AIIMS Sample papers, this gives a student positive confidence and he /she would be able to solve the question paper in time frame, because in AIIMS-UG level of questions asked is much more difficult as compared to NEET exam  a student should have good understanding of concept and its application in daily life , to solve such kind of tricky questions rightly is possible when he /she  go through such kind of maximum number of questions  as much as possible.

AIIMS-UG paper have 60 questions of Assertion and reason based, 20 in each subject such Physics, Chemistry and biology. As to solve assertion -Reason based question rightly is big task, students feel them very complicated and always do them wrongly and become trapped in trap of Negative marking of examiner, as in AIIMS -UG negative marking is 1/3 so student should avoid this negative marks because it decreases there rank in several thousands .

 When a student practice through AIIMS Sample papers for assertion reason based questions, he/she becomes familiar to such questions and there phobia for Assertion- Reason based questions vanished out completely.

So any student wants to prepare for AIIMs -UG he/she should go through AIIMS Sample papers and practice maximum no. of questions from them. 

About AIIMS Sample Papers 

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared AIIMS sample paper with solutions. All AIIMS sample paper are solved with mentioning each and every steps . to score good marks in AIIMS and other medical entrance exam. one must try to solve each and every question given in sample papers by yourself  AIIMS sample paper Solutions are uploaded for reference only . Before solving the questions of Sample papers revise the entire syllabus of AIIMS try to remember entire formula use in major and important topics from your notes . Revise important pointer of biology 

Why Physics Wallah Sample papers and Resourse  

Physics Wallah is India’s largest online content website for K-12 for class 11 &12  students who are appearing for AIIMS or Other medical entrance exam we have uploaded detail Class 11 & 12 Notes for all subjects like Zoology,Botany , Physics, chemistry. With these notes you can prepare for Olympiad and it gives you solid foundation for upcoming class and exam like NEET,AIIMS,AFMC . get more than 45000 objective and subjective questions for class 11 & 12 with online chapter wise test and sample papers .apart from this get detail syllabus, career options, exam information, previous year papers and many more content . 

Download the free AIIMS sample papers from the link mentioned above and start practicing for the exam . 

FAQ for AIIMS Sample papers


Q-1. Are Physics Wallah AIIMS Sample papers free ?

Ans- Yes, all v uploaded by academic team of Physics Wallah are freely to all user of Physics Wallah . You can download the detail solutions of each AIIMS Sample papers uploaded separately.

Q-2. What is the right approach to use AIIMS Sample papers?

Ans- AIIMS is one of difficult entrance exam of India and need good planning and preparation. AIIMS Sample papers can help you a lot. The right approach to use AIIMS Sample papers is always start solving AIIMS Sample papers once you have completed the syllabus. We have uploaded subject wise AIIMS Sample papers for effective revision. Revise subject wise like physics , chemistry, zoology and botany and start solving particular subject sample papers. Find out the error and mistake you do and try to rectify it from the solution uploaded in the site.

Q-3. Are Physics Wallah AIIMS Sample papers prepared as per the syllabus of AIIMS ?

Ans- Yes all the AIIMS Sample papers uploaded in Physics Wallah prepared as per the latest syllabus and we have tried to bring the questions difficulty level as per the requirement. In the year 2020 almost 15 percent questions are asked which comes under the difficult level and if you observed we have uploaded AIIMS Sample papers with almost 20 percent difficulty level. All questions are solved with detail explanation to build the concept in the questions which you do mistake.   

Q-5. Do we need to solve additional MCQ based questions apert from AIIMS Sample papers?

Ans- Yes one must solve more MCQ questions for all subjects like Physics , chemistry and biology. NCERT must for all three subjects make your notes and bullet pointer for each and every chapter. Make sure you have proper notes on all subjects. Revise all formulas given in the text book and while solving the AIIMS Sample papers don’t use any text book or your note book . do solve all questions and analyses it form the solution.

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