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Selina concise biology class 10 ICSE solutions

About Selina concise biology class 10 ICSE solutions

Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded detail explanation of all questions asked in Selina concise biology class 10 ICSE. This page consists of chapter wise solutions of Selina concise biology class 10 ICSE. Do follow ICSE Class 10 Maths solutions prepared by experts of Physics Wallah.

Chapter wise detail solutions of class 10 ICSE Biology


Why Concise Selina Solutions 10 Biology is Important for class tenStudents

Class 10 biology is the most important part of science subjects in class 10. Biology is the life of science without biology the science being incomplete, so in class 10 of the CBSE, biology is an important part of a student's life. The science of class 10 plays a very essential role in every student’s life; in this class, the creations of the students are developed. As we know, the Class 10 Science Curriculum is huge, so our Senior Physics Wallah Experienced Teachers have prepared Selina concise biology Class 10 ICSE Notes which will be very helpful for you on the exam.

All biology lessons will be explained in detail with answered questions, multiple-choice questions, and this study data is highly approved for the CBSE board with a few key points. Selina ICSE Biology Class 10 solutions are ideal for reviewing ICSE Class 10 Biology topics. However, for theoretical clarity, you can watch video lessons. For exam confidence, you can try mock exams, practice tests, or quizzes from previous years. Students refer to Selina's solutions when they are unsure of how to resolve the questions in the textbook. Selina solutions are intended to present a sturdy and complete range of biology solutions. The study material is so appropriate and to the point that over the year’s students have been urged to practice this Concise Selina Solutions 10 Biology Course to achieve good exam scores and pass.

Advantages of Selina solutions for ICSE class 10 biology

After you have finished your lectures, you will need some reference material for studying biology lessons for class homework or exam preparation. Our concise ICSE Biology Class 10 solutions allow you to use template responses to successfully answer questions in the Selina Biology manual. These solutions give line-wise answers for biology chapters, such as the excretory system, nervous system, sweating, circulatory system, reproductive system, etc.

You can take full advantage of Selina's concise biology solutions for the ICSE 10 class, as these are benchmark answers by experienced biology teachers. Our expert teachers will give you precise answers to questions in the Selina Handbook under the latest ICSE Board guidelines and exam programs. Also, our Selina solutions are available free and easily online for a quick review of key MCQs, diagrams, and other types of questions.

Chapters list of Selina solutions for ICSE class 10 biology

Cell – The Structural and Fundamental unit of life = this chapter is given for revision of basic concepts that will be explained in detail like cell division, cell cycle, genetics, and chromosome.

Structure of Chromosome, Cell Cycle, and Cell Division = explained the structure of the chromosome and grasp the difference between a chromosome and a chromatin fiber.

Genetics – some basic fundamentals = explore the complex concepts of genetics, and revise the concepts like homozygous, phenotype, etc.

Absorption by Roots: The Processes Involved = study the concept of absorption process in plants and explain the mechanism of the opening and closing of the stomata.

Transpiration-understand the difference between stomatal transpiration and lenticular transpiration.

Photosynthesis-Understand the process of photosynthesis clearly and revise the function of chlorophyll in a leaf.

Chemical Coordination in plants-revise the concepts of chemical coordination in plants and read about the role of growth hormones in plants.

The Circulatory System-learn about the working of the circulatory system and revise topics like an artery, veins, etc.

The Excretory System-Understand the functions of the urethra, loop of Henle, glomerulus, ureter, and renal artery by studying the function of the excretory system.

The Nervous System-understand the functions of the body parts like cerebellum, medulla, sensory nerve, motor nerve, and others.

Sense Organs-learn in-depth about our sense organs like eyes, ears, and get clarity on defects related to our sense organs.

The Endocrine System-understand the functions of the thyroid gland, pancreas, pituitary gland, and the adrenal gland.

The Reproductive System-study the reproduction system and diagrams related to it.

Human Evolution-study the story of human evolution.

Population -The Increasing Numbers and Rising Problems = this chapter will notify you about the importance of studying the human population.

Pollution – A Rising Environmental Problem = read about the objectives of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ cleanliness campaign by the Indian government and prevention actions to stop the pollution.

Physics Wallah ICSE class 10 biology study materials

The ICSE Class 10 Science program covers subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Studying ICSE 10 class biology topics can be easier if you have study materials other than the recommended textbooks. At Physics Wallah you get expert Selina Class 10 ICSE biology solutions and more. You can watch concept videos on biology topics like transpiration, photosynthesis, the respiratory system, etc. Our science experts use notes to explain science concepts through concept review notes. Once you understand the concepts, study Selina's concise ICSE Class 10 Biology solutions. Use the release notes later for further review. Also, test your knowledge with online practice tests. The video assessments and personal advice available on Physics Wallah will further help you learn difficult concepts that might otherwise cause exam anxiety. With sufficient exam preparation using Physics Wallah study materials, you can easily achieve top marks on your ICSE Class 10 exams.

At Physics Wallah, questions are answered by a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of biology. Selina Class 10 biology solutions cover all important topics and give diagrams according to demand. The ICSE class 10 concise Selina Solutions assists students to evaluate their level of strengthening and work on their weaknesses.

FAQ for Selina concise biology class 10 ICSE solutions

Q-1. Are Selina concise biology class 10 ICSE solutions available at Physics Wallah are free ?

Ans-Yes, All the study material recourse at Physics Wallah are free which includes Selina concise biology class 10 ICSE solutions. Apart from the solution you can solve large number of questions uploaded at Physics Wallah with detail solutions.

Q-2. What is the right approach to use Selina concise biology class 10 ICSE solutions?

Ans-The right approach to use Selina concise biology class 10 ICSE solutions is not to copy the solutions. Start with reading your text book thoroughly and try to prepare your own notes of each and every chapters. Once you understood the chapters and your concepts are built on it now start solving the questions given in the textbook. To check whether your solutions are correct or is there any mistake you can use Selina concise biology class 10 ICSE solutions prepared by Physics Wallah for reference only not to be used for copied.

Q-3. How to score good marks in class 10 Biology ?

Ans- To score good marks in class 10 Biology one must start preparing the subject form the month of march when your session starts. Read the theory given in the text book and try to prepare notes. Make sure you are noting down all the important points and exceptional case with all required diagrams. Learn the theory part with names use in the chapter. Do solve the questions given in the exercise by yourself. Practice more MCQ questions given in the Physics Wallah and solve sample papers.

Q-4. What are the important chapters of class 10 Biology for ICSE board exams ?

Ans- All the chapter in class 10 biology are important as far as final exam is concern but student find few difficulties in Genetics, circulatory system  and The Nervous System. So do practice few MCQ questions form these chapters and make a detail notes with diagrams which will help you in the final revisions.

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