CBSE Worksheet for chapter- 14 Management of Natural Resources class 10

Worksheet For class 10

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For those who are preparing for NEET Exam can check the Biology MCQ for NEET.

Q1. The Bishnoi community of Rajasthan is associated with the conservation of:

  1. Coal and Petroleum
  2. Forests and wildlife
  3. Water resources
  4. Abiotic environment

Q2. One of the following is not a direct stakeholder in the management (or conservation) of forests. This is:

  1. The people who have paper mills
  2. The people who run the forest department
  3. The people who campaign for the conservation of forests
  4. The people who run the forest department

Q3. Extensive planting of trees to increase forest cover is called:

  1. Deforestation
  2. Social forestry
  3. Agro forestry
  4. Afforestation

Q4. Arabari forest of Bengal is dominated by:

  1. Teak
  2. Sal
  3. Bamboo
  4. Mangrove

Subjective Type Questions

Q5. What changes would you suggest in your home in order to be environment-friendly ?

Q6. Why should we conserve forests and wildlife ?

Q7. What the silviculture? What are its advantages?

Q8. In this chapter that there are four main stakeholders when it comes to forests and wildlife. Which among these should have the authority to decide the management of forest produce ? Why do you think so ?

Q9. What is meant by ‘sustainable development’?

Q10. Why do you think there should be equitable distribution of resources? What forces would be working against an equitable distribution of our resources ?

Q11. List any four disadvantages of using fossil fuels for the production of energy:

Q12. List two example of each :

  1. Renewable sources of energy
  2. Non-renewable sources energy

Q13. List any four characteristics of a good fuel.

Q14. Mention any four limitations in harvesting wind energy on a large scale.

Q15. What are natural resources ? State two factors that work against an equitable distribution of these resources.

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