CBSE Worksheet for chapter-15 Management of Natural Resources class 10

Worksheet For class 10

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For those who are preparing for NEET Exam can check the Biology MCQ for NEET.

Q1. The main reason for the abundant coliform bacteria in the water of river Ganga is:

  1. Immersion of ashes of the dead into the river
  2. Washing of clothes on the banks of river
  3. Discharge industrial wastes into river water
  4. Disposal of unburnt corpses into river water

Q2. The use of one of the following is eco-friendly. This one is:

  1. Cars for transportation
  2. Polybags for shopping
  3. Windmills for generating power
  4. Dyes for colouring clothes

Q3. Khadins are used in Rajasthan to:

  1. Hold water for irrigation
  2. Recharge ground water
  3. Prevent soil erosion
  4. Plant trees

Q4. Major pollutant in a mining industry is:

  1. Carbon dioxide
  2. Carbon monoxide
  3. Dust
  4. Metal particles

Q5. Write the full name of

  1. CFL
  2. CFC

Subjective Type Questions

Q6. What are the various advantages of water stored in ground?

Q7. Why is the process of ‘reuse’ better than of ‘recycling’?

Q8. Describe how, the water of river Ganga has been highly polluted.

Q9. What is meant by rainwater harvesting? Name some of the ancient structures used for rainwater harvesting by the rural people.

Q10. Describe some of the problems associated with the construction of dams.

Q11. Why should biodegradable and non-biodegrable wastes be discarded in two separate dustbins ?

Q12. We often observe domestic waste decomposing in the bylanes of residential celeries. Suggest ways to make proper realize that the improper disposal of the waste is harmful do the environment.

Q13. List and explain any two advantages associated with water harvesting at community level.

Q14. What is the main constituent of biogas ? How is biogas obtained from biomass? Write any two disadvantages of using this gas.

Q15. What is water harvesting ? Mention any two water harvesting structures.

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