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CBSE Worksheet for chapter-15 Construction – 1 class 10

Worksheet For class 10

Find CBSE Worksheet for chapter- 15 Construction – 1 class 10



Mathematic Worksheet - 15

TOPIC: Construction – 1

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  1. Draw a circle of diameter &cm. take a point A as the end point of diameter. Draw a tangent to the circle at the point A.
  2. Draw a circle of radius 3.4cm.take a point P on it. Without using the centre of the circle draw a tangent to the circle at the point P
  3. Draw a circle of radius 3.5cm. take a point A outside the circle which is 8cm away from the centre.
  4. Draw two tangents AB and AC to the circle from the point A. are the tangents AB and AC equal?
  5. Inscribe a regular hexagon ABCDEF in a circle of radius 3.5cm. if A is the reflection of A in BG measure AA
  6. Draw a circle of radius 4cm. describe a regular hexagon about the circle. Measure the length of one of the sides of the hexagon
  7. Using ruler and compass only,
    1. Construct a triangle ABC with the following data: base AB =7cm, BC = 6.5cm and ∠CAB = 60°
    2. In the same figure, draw a circle which passes through the points A, B and C and mark its centre O
    3. Draw perpendicular from O to AB which meets AB in D.
    4. Prove that AD = BD
  8. Construct a triangle ABC in which BC = 6cm, ∠B =60° and CA = 6cm. draw a circle touching the sides of the triangle
  9. Construct a cyclic quadrilateral ABCD where AB = 3.8cm, AC=5.2cm, ∠ABC = 90° and AD = 4cm
  10. Ruler and compass only may be sued in this question. All construction lines and arc must be clearly shown and be of sufficient length and clarity to permit assessment.
    1. Construct triangle ABC, in which AB = 9cm, BC= 10cm and ∠ABC = 45°
    2. Draw a circle with centre A and radius 2.5cm. let it meet AB at D
    3. Construct a circle to touch the circle with centre A externally at D and also to touch the line BC


3) yes

4) 3.4cm

5) 4.6cm

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