CBSE Worksheet for Chapter - 5 Cell Structure and Functions Class 8

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Find CBSE Worksheet for chapter-5 Cell Structure and Functions class 8

  1. CLASS-8
  3. BIOLOGY Worksheet - 5
  4. TOPIC: Cell Structure and Functions
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    A B
    (a) Entry and exit of cellular materials (i) Vacuoles
    (b) Transmission of genetic character (ii) Mitochondria
    (c) Production of energy (iii) Nucleus
    (d) Secretion of enzymes and proteins (iv) Cell membrane
    (e) Store excess water, mineral, food (v) Golgi apparatus
    1. The process by which water enters through a selectively permeable membrane is called _________.
    2. Cellular respiration occurs in ________ part of cell.
    3. __________ is called suicidal bag of cell.
    4. Genetic material of plant and animals cell is found in __________.
    5. Which of the following cell organelles are non-membranous and found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
      1. Lysosome
      2. Vacuole
      3. Mitochondria
    6. Cells that have a high energy requirement generally have many:
      1. Ribosomes
      2. Nucleus
      3. Mitochondria
      4. Chloroplast
    7. Match the following:
    8. substances and pigments
    9. Make sketches of animal and plant cells. State three differences between them.
    10. Write short notes on the following:
      1. Cytoplasm
      2. Golgi apparatus
    11. Where are chromosomes found in a cell? State their function.


      Solutions: to worksheet-5 Topic- Cell Structure and Functions

      Plant cell Animal cell
      1. A plant cell has cell wall around it
      2. Plant cells have plastids
      3. Plant cell has a centrally located large vacuole in it.
      1. An animal cell does not have a cell wall around it
      2. Animal cells lack plastids
      3. Animal cells have many small vacuoles.
      1. Osmosis
      2. Mitochondria
      3. Lysosome
      4. Nucleus
      5. (c) Ribosome
      6. (c) Mitochondria
      7. (a) iv
        1. (b) iii
        2. (c) ii
        3. (d) v
        4. (e) i
      9. (a) Cytoplasm : Cytoplasm is a transparent, jelly like fluid which fills the cell between nucleus and cell membrane. It holds all cell’s organelles in a place.
      10. If also gives shape to cell structure, most of the metabolic activities of cell take place in the cytoplasm.
      11. (b) Golgi apparatus: Golgi apparatus consists of a set of smooth, flattened sac like structures called cisternae. These are usually stacked together in parallel rows. Golgi apparatus helps in modification, secretion and storage of proteins, enzymes, hormones etc.
      12. Chromosomes are found in the nucleus part of the cell. Nucleus contains a fibrous material known as chromatin. Chromatin forms a long thread like structure called chromosomes which contains complex nucleotides called genes, (DNA). These genes are responsible for heredity in organisms.

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