ICSE Worksheet for Chapter - 10 Conservation of plants and Animals Class 8

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Find ICSE Worksheet for chapter-10 Conservation of plants and Animals class 8



BIOLOGY Worksheet - 10

TOPIC: Conservation of plants and Animals

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1. The natural surroundings of plant or animal species is called________

2. Group of population capable of interbreeding is called _______

3. The variety of forms of life found in a region is

(a) Biodiversity

(b) Flora

(c) Fauna

(d) Endemic

4. The Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary preserves –

(a) Elephant

(b) One-horned Rhinoceros

(c) Asiatic Lion

(d) Royal Bengal Tiger

5. Differentiate between endangered and extinct species.

6. Discuss the effects of deforestation on the following:

(a Earth

(b) The next generation

7. What will happen if the habitat of an animal is disturbed?

8. Some tribals depend on the jungle. How?

9. What are the causes and consequences of deforestation?

10. Why is biodiversity under threat?

Solutions: to worksheet-10 Topic- Conservation of plants and Animals

1. Habitat

2. Species

3. (a) Biodiversity

4. (b) One-horned Rhinoceros


Endangered Species

Extinct species

(a) The species that are on the verge of becoming

extinct are called endangered species

(b) Blue whale, tiger, leopard are examples of

end angered species.


(a) The species which no longer exists on earth are

called extinct species.

(b) Dinosaur, Dodo, the passenger pigeon are

examples of extinct species

6. Effects of deforestation:

(a) Earth: Deforestation increases the temperature and pollution level on earth. If plants are destroyed then the level of CO2 in the atmosphere will rise. As a result, CO2 will trap more radiations there by adding to global warming. An increase in the temperature of the earth will disturb the natural water cycle. As a result, there will be change in rainfall pattern, this could lead to drought.

(b) Next generation: Deforestation will have long-lasting effect on our environment. The temperature of earth will keep on rising every coming year, leading to global warming. Due to pollution, the green house gases will keep on adding to the atmosphere leading to intensified greenhouse effect. Our futures generation will face scarcity of resources, water and respiratory diseases due to pollution and climatic changes.

7. Deforestation destroys the habitat of many wild animal provides shelter, food and protection to animals. If the habitat of an animal is disturbed then it will force the animals to go other places in search of food and shelter. As a result, the animal could get killed easily by other animals in the process.

8. The tribals are a part of jungle life. They depend on forests products for their survival. They use timber wood by cutting down trees and use it for cooking and other agricultural practices. They also hunt down wild animals and eat their meat and use animal skin as their clothing. Hence, these tribal people completely depend on jungles.

9. Cause of deforestation:

(a) Procurment of land for crop production

(b) Procurment of land for urban settlement

(c) Use of wood for timber and fuel

(d) Natural calamities like forests fires, droughts and volcanic eruptions

Consequences of deforestation:

(a) Loss of biodiversity

(b) Soil erosion

(c) Change in climatic conditions

(d) Floods and Droughts

10. Biodiversity is under threat because:

(a) Increase in human population

(b) Pollution of air, water and land

(c) Climatic changes leading to global warming

(d) Poaching

(e) Natural disasters like earthquake, floods, droughts etc.

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