ICSE Worksheet for Chapter - 5 Air and Burning Class 8

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Find ICSE  Worksheet for chapter-5 Air and Burning class 8

  1. CLASS-8
  3. Chemistry Worksheet - 5
  4. TOPIC: Air and Burning
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  • Discovery of gases in air.
  • Ramsay’s experiment for the discovery of noble gases.
  • Composition of air (N₂, O₂, CO₂, H₂O, inert gases, noble gases).
  • Experiments to show the presence of component of air.
  • Burning – Definition, terms involved –combustible, non-combustible, supporter and non-supporter of combustion, condition for burning, experiment to show that there is change in mass on burning.
  • Air – (a mixture or compound), air pollution – its control and effects.


  1.  Fill in the blanks-
    1. The component of air essential for growth of plants and animals is ____________.
    2. The product formed when carbon burns in oxygen of air is ______________
    3. _______________ and __________ are gaseous pollutant which dissolves in rain water resulting in the formation of acid rain.
    4. __________is filled in observatory balloons.
  2. Name the following :
    1. The component of air which acts as nuclei for precipitation of rain water.
    2. The discovery of the gas ‘ fixed air ‘ was later recognized as.
    3. An unreactive gas ‘argon’ was discovered by.
    4. A chemical reaction which involves oxidation of substances with oxygen of the air.
    5. A gas which effects the bleaching of leaf pigments.
    6. It’s the warming of the earth’s surface due to the blanketing effect of man - made CO2 gas in the air.
  3. Match the following:
    1. COLUMN A                                                                                 COLUMN B
    2. A. A gas which is non-combustible but supports combustion           H2
    3. B. Air pollutant causes headache and  nausea on man.                    NO
    4. C. A gas which is combustible but a non- supporter of combustion    O2
    5. D. Pollutant released during lightning Discharge                                CO


  1. Name the scientist who discovered the following gases:
    1. carbon dioxide
    2. oxygen
    3. nitrogen
  2. Explain RAMSAY’s experiment for the discovery of noble gases.
  3. State the different components of the air and its function.
  4. Show that air is essential for burning.
  5. Is air a mixture or a compound ?
  6. What are the sources of air pollution ?
  7. Describe the processes involved for controlling air pollution.

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