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Biology is the study of science. Evolution is the study that makes biology unique.” -  by Jared Diamond

Biology is the study of living organisms and their vital process. This branch of science includes numerous unifying themes which bind them together with a single tie. 

List of All Biology Articles

It is one of the most critical subjects with diagrams and complexity and explains the differences and relations. Biology Articles are essential for students to make them understand the concepts in a more accessible manner. 

The list of articles is presented so that you won’t have any trouble finding them. The list also covers the topics of classes 6th to 12th and for the students preparing for the competitive examination. 

Sections of Biology

The subject of Biology is divided into 9 sections:

  1. Botany - The branch of biology that deals with the study of plants.
  2. Zoology - The branch of biology is concerned with studying animals and the animal kingdom.
  3. Anatomy -  The branch of biology that deals with the study of the description of the body structure of living organisms
  4. Biotechnology - The branch of biology deals with modifying biological systems for the benefit of human beings. 
  5. Genetics - This branch is generally used to study hereditary and biological processes.
  6. Physiology - It studies the mechanisms and characteristics of the human body.
  7. Ecology - This biology branch includes studying human science, population, biosphere, etc. 
  8. Microbiology - The study of a variety of microorganisms that are invisible to the human eye.
  9. Immunology - This branch of biology studies the immune system, its functioning, components, biological and physiological functioning, and a lot more. 

Importance of Biology in NEET Examination

  • No NEET Exam without Biology- NEET Examination cannot be performed without Biology. The NEET Examination aims to test the fundamental knowledge of Biology in the students. 
  • Articles for NEET Examination- All the articles given below will be helpful for the preparation for Board and competitive examinations like NEET. 
  • Biology MCQs for NEET- The Biology MCQs for NEET cover more than half of the examination based on the Previous Year’s Question papers. 
  • Biology Notes for NEET Examination- Biology Notes is the go-through guide for the NEET Examination. You can also refer to NCERT Solutions for Biology and reference textbooks like P S Verma & V K Agrawal Solutions for your reference. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1.  What are the important topics of biology?

Ans. You can check all the essential biology topics in the above-mentioned article, including all the important points. 

Q2. Name all the 7 branches of biology?

Ans. There’re 7 branches of biology named botany, conservation, ecology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology, and zoology.

Q3. Is biology complicated in college?

Ans. It totally depends on how you prepare the subject. It might be a bit tough as compared to what you’ve studied in school. 

Q4. What is the major biology issue today?

Ans. The major biology issues today are pollution challenges, overpopulation, an increase in infectious diseases, and the lack of transparency in DNA and synthetic biology studies.

Q5. What is a broad topic in biology?

Ans. From the animal response to environmental changes, every topic is broad in its own way. You just need to select according to your requirements. 

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