Question of Exercise 3

Federalism of Class 10

A type of government in which many political parties join together to prove their majority in the house.


Option 1 Community government

Option 2 Democratic government

Option 3 State government

Option 4 Coalition government

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various challenges faced by political parties





Various challenges faced by political parties are - 

  • By being the head of any political party and having powers, only the family members are given ticket irrespective of their abilities and qualifications.
  • Money is being used in an unacceptable way to win people over and support is given to criminal candidates to have muscle power in the party.
  • In the decisions regarding the political party, all the members aren’t given chances to express themselves and put their views. 

Final Answer:

Succession of family members in political parties, growing money and muscle power, Lack of Internal democracy are some of the challenges faced by political parties.


Which of the following articles of the Indian constitution talks

about abolishing untouchability?

A: Article 21

B: Article 19

C: Article 18

D: Article 17



  • Untouchability is the darkness of individual discrimination against certain classes of persons. Dalits are sometimes called Untouchables.
  • Article 17 of the Indian constitution talks about abolishing of untouchability and guaranteeing individual dignity.

Final Answer:

Hence the correct answer is option D. Article 17.


Explain the term service utility



Service utility is the utility created when services are provided by professionals. For eg, services of a doctors to his patients,

services of teachers to students, services of lawyers to clients, etc. The utility creation is inseparable from the service provider.

Final Answer:

When the services are rendered by the professionals then the utility is created which is called as service utility.


Which one of the following is a land locked harbor

A: Kolkata

B: Visakhapatnam

C: Chennai

D: Mumbai




  • Vishakhapatnam is the deepest land-locked harbor.

A land-locked port is one that is surrounded on all sides by land and has a water route leading to the sea or ocean.

Final Answer:

Hence, the correct option is (b) i.e. Visakhapatnam

The term of Lok Sabha is

A: Five years unless it is dissolved

B: Four years from the date of its first session

C: Five years from the date of the oath taken by the members

D: It is a permanent body of cyclic filing of MPs




  • The Lok Sabha's typical begins on the day following the general elections and ends five years afterwards. 
  • During a National Emergency, the Lok Sabha's tenure can be extended by a bill of Parliament for one year at a time for an unlimited number of times.

Final Answer:

Hence, the correct option is (a) i.e. Five years unless it is dissolved


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