Subjective Questions For Fun with Magnets

Fun With Magnets of Class 6


1. Where was the first natural magnet formed?

2. Name a magnetic material ?

3. What are the two ends of a magnet called ?

4. Name the natural magnet?

5. Draw two types of magnet and name them?

6. Fill in the blanks key words _

a) the material which are attracted towards a magnet are called_________material.

b) Similar poles of a magnet ________________ eachother.

c) ___________ is used to find directions.

d) Opposite poles of a magnet _____________ each other.

7. Write true or false ___

a) Plastic is a magnetic material.

b) A cylindrical magnet has only one pol.e

c) A magnet has two poles.

d) A magnet attached with crane is used for picking iron from junkyard.

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