Measurement of Angles

Lines and Angles of Class 7

One of the most commonly used unit for the measurement of an angle is one degree measurement and is denoted as 1°.

Acute Angles

An Acute Angle is less than 90°

measure of acute angle

This is an acute angle

All the angles below are acute angles:

acute angle example

Right Angle –

A right angle is an internal angle which is equal to 90°

right angle

This is a right angle

Note the special symbol like a box in the angle. If you see this, it is a right angle. The 90° is rarely written in. If you see the box in the corner, you are being told it is a right angle.

All the angles below are right angles

Type of angles

A right angle can be in any orientation or rotation as long as the internal angle is 90°

Shown in Fig.

Type of angles

obtuse angle

This is an obtuse angle

All the angles below are obtuse angles:

obtuse angle example

An angle which measures between 90° and 180° is called an obtuse angle.

In fig.

Type of angles

straight angle

Type of angles

reflex angle


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