Question of Exercise 3

Micro Organism of Class 8

Penicillium produces antibiotic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Write a note on the dhekli system of irrigation



  • The Dhekli irrigation system is generally found in rural regions.
  • It necessitates manual procedures.
  • That is, using containers, a person should pour the water into the field.
  • However, as a result of this procedure, water is wasted.
  • The distribution of water is not uniform throughout the area.
  • Due to a lack of water, many people do not use this method of irrigation.

Final answer:

The Dhekli system of irrigation, found in rural areas involves manual agricultural procedures.



Red data book contains data of

A: all plant species

B: all animal species

C: economically important species

D: threatened species



  • The Red Data Book is a form of public document that is used to record uncommon and endangered species, such as animals, plants, and fungus, as well as some local subspecies, that are found within a state's or country's region.
  • The complete list of threatened species can be found in the Red Data Book.

Final Answer:

Hence, the correct answer is option D, i.e., threatened species.


Select the odd one out

A: Lion

B: Cat

C: Rabbit

D: Fox



Lion, Cat and Fox are carnivores. 

Only rabbit is a herbivore.

Final Answer

Hence, the correct answer is option C, i.e., Rabbit

Choose the correct option with respect to the term wildlife

A: Wildlife includes all biota living in the wild, excluding man, domestic animals, and cultivated crops.

B: Wildlife includes all vertebrates of reserve forests.

C: Wildlife includes all animals of reserve forests.

D: Wildlife includes all animals and plants of reserve forests.



All living organisms that grow in the wild without the interruption of humans are included in wildlife,

it does not consist of any organisms that are introduced by humans such as domestic animals, plants ,crops. 

Final Answer:-

Hence the correct answer is option A i.e wildlife includes all biota living in the wild, excluding man, domestic animals, and cultivated crops.


Which of the following hormones controls metamorphosis in a frog

A: Adrenaline

B: Insulin

C: Oxytocin

D: Thyroxine




A: Adrenaline- Adrenaline in frogs increases the size of action potential, potentiates twitch tension and enhances relaxation.

B: Insulin is a hormone that helps to control body sugar level and metabolism

C: Oxytocin- It is a reproductive hormone

D: Thyroxine- this hormone regulates metabolism of an organism and is involved in the process of metamorphosis showing developmental changes in the life span of an organism.

Final Answer:-

Hence the correct answer is D i.e Thyroxine.


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