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Books Recommended For NEET 2022

NCERTs are a must. So you should have the following NCERT books:
1. Physics for class 11
2. Physics for class 12
3. Chemistry for class 11
4. Chemistry for class 12
5. Biology for class 11
6. Biology for class 12

Other than them, you need books to get in-depth knowledge and practice MCQs. A list of good books for NEET 2022 preparation are given below.


- HC Verma
- DC Pandey


- Physical: Avasthi Problems In Physical Chemistry.
- Organic: Solomons and Frythle’s Organic Chemistry, Morrison Boyd, Himanshu Pandey.
- Inorganic: VK Jaiswal Inorganic Chemistry.
- Objective Chemistry by S.Dinesh
- Modern’s ABC of Chemistry


- Trueman’s elementary biology
- Modern ABC of Biology


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