JEE Advanced

JEE Advanced 2022 Preparation Tips

Students who prepare for JEE Advanced 2022 always look for tips from the toppers for this exam since they are the role model for lakhs of students who appear for this exam. We bring to you some of these tips only which you will find useful while your preparation phase is underway. Students are advised that they look at these tips so that they can incorporate those and get good marks:

  1. Be clear of the basic concepts. It is an important thing and can be tackled if they read from the NCERT. It should be used extensively first by the students and then they should move on to other books for preparation.
  2. Solve questions of all difficulty levels. It should not be the case that you are practising only the easy type of questions. An ideal practice should be of all difficulty levels.
  3. Mocks should necessarily be attempted in the test environment only. The mocks should be analysed as well. Through the analysis, the candidate should be able to take out what are their weak areas and how they need to focus on them.
  4. Take proper rest and food every day. It is important for the proper functioning of brain which is crucial on the exam day. It should not be the case that the student is feeling tired or lazy during the exam. Hence proper sleep is essential.
  5. Have the confidence and the belief that you will perform well in the exam. Just focus on the preparation and give your best on the exam day.

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