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NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Science

About NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Science

Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded detail solution of all questions asked in NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Science. All solutions are explained with proper diagram to have better understanding of the chapter. It is highly recommended to read NCERT text book theory and solve all questions given in the exercise of NCERT text book with the help of Physics Wallah NCERT solutions for class 9 Science before attempting NCERT Exemplar questions of class 9 Science.

List of Chapters in NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Science with solutions

Benefit of NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Science

Science is a subject of concept and its application. Learning of science increase from solving questions. NCERT Exemplar for class 9 Science consist of very good quality questions and the best part is difficulty level of questions increase as you move questions by question.It consist of all most all types of questions like

  1. Short answer type Questions
  2. Long answer type question
  3. Fill in the blanks
  4. Match the following
  5. True and False
  6. HOT questions
  7. Numerical type questions

When students solve all the above mentioned types of questions it will not only increased the leaning but also improve your thinking ability in subject like science.

Why Physics Wallah For Class 9 NCERT Exemplar

What are thinks required to become expert in subject like Science ? answering to this question you required two thinks one is solid foundation in the theory part of science and second is good level of questions to practice. Academic team of Physics Wallah consist of very senior teacher from different school and coaching institution and they understand the requirement of students.

Based on type of student we have uploaded lots of academic recourse apart from solutions of NCERT Exemplar for class 9 Science. Like we have sub divided class 9 science into three part Class 9 Physics , Class 9 Chemistry and Class 9 Biology. Each section consist of detail theory and exercise having 200 MCQ based questions. Students are requested to read the theory given in theses section and then solve the questions given in Exercise.

FAQ For NCERT Exemplar class 9 science

Q-1.What are NCERT Exemplar Problems?

Ans-To help students apply the concepts learned in NCERT books correctly, CBSE provides NCERT exemplars, which are workbooks. They contain additional higher-level questions and are intended to aid in further study.

Q-2.Why are NCERT Exemplar Problems of class 9 science Important?

Ans-The questions provided in the NCERT Exemplar are critical when qualifying for the exams. Some of the questions asked during the exams are of a nature that requires higher-order thinking skills to solve them. NCERT exemplar includes such questions to promote analytical thinking in students. Also, practicing the various NCERT exemplar problems will give students an idea of how to easily solve other similar problems. NCERT exemplars are designed to provide exposure to multiple conceptual questions.

Q-3.What are the chapters covered in the NCERT Exemplar Class 9 science book?

Ans-Here are the chapters covered in NCERT Exemplar class 9 science book –

1.Matter in our Surroundings

2.Is Matter around us Pure

3.Atoms and Molecules

4.Structure of the Atom

5.The Fundamental Unit of Life


7.Diversity in Living Organisms


9.Force and Laws of Motion


11.Work and Energy


13.Why do we Fall Ill

14.Natural Resources

15.Improvement in Food Resources

Q-4.What are the benefits of using NCERT Exemplar class 9 science solutions?

Ans-Here are some benefits –

1.In-depth Concepts - Students referencing this NCERT class 9 science exemplar will help you have a thorough understanding of all class 9 science concepts.

2.Easy to study - The language used in the exemplar is not complicated and is very easy to understand. Any doubts related to a complex topic will be dispelled if students study closely.

3.Syllabus as CBSE - This exemplar is provided by NCERT and follows the CBSE curriculum.

4.JEE - This study material not only helps you prepare for the board exam but also competitive exams like JEE.

Q-5.Why Physics Wallah’s class 9 science NCERT Exemplar solutions are best?

Ans-Our main goal is to provide quality education at an affordable price. To achieve our goal, we provide free NCERT exemplars of scientific solutions in Class 9. We do not ask a student to log into our website, send emails, or click on advertisements. The 9 science NCERT PDF solutions we provide are completely free and just a click away for students. Our NCERT Class 9 science exemplars Solutions are also available for free in PDF format, so you can access our solutions even when you are offline. The NCERT exemplars of Grade 9 science solutions we provide are the best a student can get as our subject matter experts have prepared solutions to each question in the simplest way possible.

Q-6.How should I review class 9 science with NCERT Exemplar solutions?

Ans-Write and practice textbook solutions to learn how experts solve problems. Use the CBSE Class 9 science curriculum to plan your science chapter review. Make sure you study the concepts of each chapter step by step.

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