Chemistry is the science that tries to understand the properties of substances and the changes of those substances. The concept of Class 9 chemistry deals with the understanding of the basic components of matter, atoms, and molecules. Students need to study these principles in detail to improve their expertise in the subject and establish a strong foundation. Chemistry is everywhere around us. Chemical reactions are observed in plants and animals, resulting in the formation of substances and can be used to treat diseases. It is important to know the subject as it provides drugs which are very important in our daily life.


Entrancei solutions are point-prepared and implants using the exam point of view. Our solutions make your preparation easier as they are prepared by our academic expert teachers according to the latest CBSE program and NCERT book. Our solution helps you understand the main points and concepts in an understandable language. It covers all the important topics and subtopics in the chapters of class 9 Chemistry and clears all your doubts to make your exam well. All of our solutions are prepared with the latest CBSE curriculum in mind and change from time to time. Our free CBSE Class 9 Chemistry Textbook Solutions strengthen your basic conditions and can help you score more points on the exam. Refer to our textbook solutions at any time while doing your homework or preparing for exams.


Chemistry is a subject that needs conceptual understanding. Studying the answer alone does not serve all purposes. So, while solving the most important questions in CBSE class 9, students need to understand the concept. They have to draw the diagram and write the formula where they are needed as they answer. This will help them get more points on the exam. The student must begin solving the most important questions after completing the CBSE Class 9 chemistry subject at least two months before the annual exam. Try asking questions from previous years, test assignments prepared by Entrancei experts.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the features of CBSE class 9 chemistry solutions?
  • CBSE Class 9 Chemistry Solutions are available to everyone free of charge.
  • It covers all the exercise issues of the Class 9 textbook.
  • It consists of additional questions, problem examples, important questions from previous years' questions and examples, spreadsheets, MCQs, short answers to questions, and tips and tricks.
  • CBSE Class 9 Chemistry Solution files can be downloaded in PDF format for easy access.
  • Diagrams are included to help students visualize the topics.
2. How class 9 Chemistry useful for competitive exams?

Good command of the 9th-class chapters will help you strengthen your foundation and easily understand higher studies for competitions. Class 9 chemistry questions were also asked during the competition, so regularly solves problem-solving skills to solve such boring questions.

3.How can you score good marks in class 9 Chemistry?

Sit down every day for homework because it is part of student's life because it improves their memory and study habits. Read all the points and concepts explained in detail and take notes using these points for examination purposes. Practice with important questions, test the tasks provided by the Entrancei team to get good grades in the exam.

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