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Concepts in Mathematics

About Concepts in Mathematics

Maths is a crucial subject which needs to be taken care of by students. Too many students planning their way to engineering as a career must hold strong command over this subject. The maths question and answers are prepared by experts at Physics Wallah. The detailed explanation of maths question and answers is provided in order to make sure, students are benefited the most. for Maths Doubts check out pw Maths doubts sections. 

Maths is such a subject which required quite a time of hard work. Several of students who are unable to score great marks can go through Concepts in Mathematics and study them deeply. The unique step by step approach of Physics Wallah team is very effective in giving clear explanations. The complete study material of maths question and answers has been planned in order to help students score maximum marks.

These maths question and answers can also be followed by teachers and parents to guide their children’s. In- overall the maths question and answers helps one to polish their knowledge. The judicious use of maths question and answers can let students attain desirable marks. The maths question and answers emphasize more upon the concept building. The basic cleared in an effective manner maths question and answers would help students appearing for aptitude based tests in the future. 

While solving maths questions you must have clear concept of chapter and you know all formula required , to help you out acardemic team of pw uploaded all required Maths formula in one page and its class and chapter wise.

Practice Concepts in Mathematics class wise 

Maths Questions and Answer Class-6

Maths Questions and Answer Class-7

Maths Questions and Answer Class-8

Maths Questions and Answer Class-9

Maths Questions and Answer Class-10

Maths Questions and Answer Class-11

Maths Questions and Answer Class-12


The Concepts in Mathematics prepared by Physics Wallah are segregated on the basis of their importance and possibility in coming in examination. Theses maths question and answers help in providing a quick revision for examination. The maths question and answers are so specifically prepared that it helps one in getting the exact idea of question and right answer. These maths question and answers are picked by the most general doubts and queries.   


This maths question and answers helps the students to have an out of the box thinking. It is always ideal to choose maths question and answers to create short notes from them. We at Physics Wallah have a decided team of experts involved in creating some of the best study material for students. Our team has segregated out the most important and frequently asked question for our students. All you need is to sign up with us. The experts are all the way available to solve your queries associated with maths question and answers at our website. These subject experts are very well experienced in their field. 


Strong command over maths question and answers build up a strong foundation for your future. This maths question and answers are solely dedicated to enhancing your critical thinking and problem-solving ability. These Maths question and answers can be solved and accessed at the comfort of your home. Entracei has been helping students by providing the right study material in the form of maths question and answers for a solid future. The right and intensive approach to maths question and answers can help you ace exams with topmost marks. 


Benefits of Concepts in Mathematics at Physics Wallah

1. Expert validated study material 

2. The method to make studying more of a fun activity

3. Less time consuming and enhances efficiency 

Important Chapters of Maths

2D coordinate geometry

2D coordinate geometry is very important for IITJEE Mains and Advanced both. Every year 3-4 questions can be found in the papers. This chapter is considered to be a scoring chapter in IITJEE. To master this chapter, one should need to derive each and every concept by his/her own. More importantly along with derivation one needs to remember all the end results of every concept. And more practice is required to understand and remember the results. The very basic concept on which whole coordinate geometry depends is LOCUS. So before starting the chapters in coordinate geometry one should have a deep understanding of locus and its geometrical approach.

3D geometry and Vectors

This is another part of IITJEE syllabus which is considered to be a scoring part. Questions asked from this part are relatively easier than other topics of maths. To understand the concept of this chapter one should develop the imagination, as this chapter involves the discussion in 3 dimensions, the basic and geometrical application of every concept and one should remember all the basic end results.More practice of questions will make the concepts of this chapter clearer. The two topics from 3D geometry Line and Plane must be understood and to be more accurate one should have a good understanding on vector algebra.The basic concepts on which whole portion depends is algebra and geometrical interpretation of vector operations.

Permutations and Combinations

In this chapter what we study is how to count without actually counting. This chapter is one of the most interesting chapters in IITJEE syllabus and student enjoys this chapter.The very basic concept which we have to study in this chapter is how to count the number of ways of doing a task in different situations. To master this chapter, one should have a sharp understanding between the two terms arrangement and selection, and type of objects involved in question whether they are different, identical or mixed. The difference between linear and circular permutation as counting is different in the two cases.Knowledge of this chapter also helps in finding the number of favourable events in Probability


Most of the students find this chapter trickier and a little bit difficult to understand. But if a student is studying this chapter after permutation and combination and is starting with the definition of basic terms like Random Experiment, Sample space, events, type of events, etc. then probability is very interesting. One should start with the clear concept of what is probability and what is the meaning of finding the probability of an event.Study this chapter by breaking it into several parts and analyse each and every part separately like in first part go through with the definitions and classical definition of probability in which questions asked involving the concept of permuation and combination, then in second part addition theorem then independent events etc.Solve more and more problems and most importantly practice the questions of IITJEE asked in previous years.

Quadratic Equations

This chapter is one of the basic chapters of IITJEE. You will not find many questions in IITJEE directly from this portion but the concepts of this chapter have application in almost all chapters. To master this chapter, one should start with the concept of Polynomials, polynomial equations.Divide this chapter in four parts so that you can see the top view of the chapter clearer. In first part Quadratic equation, its roots, nature of the roots and condition for common roots can be kept. In second part quadratic function and its graph can be kept. In third part ranges of some special rational functions can be kept and in fourth part theory of equations in which we can deal with the higher degree polynomials. Solve more and more problems and most importantly practice the questions of IITJEE asked in previous years.


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