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Chemistry questions and answers

Chemistry questions and answers with Doubts of chemistry 

Science subject need deep thinking ability and Required questing to the concepts. Asking questions which facts are based and finding answer to your questions makes your concept clear. When it comes to chemistry it will work a lot, chemistry as a subject is sub classified into three parts like physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. All the three parts of chemistry required different approach of learning chemistry question answers can help you to have deep understanding of the topics or chapter. for chemistry doubts check Physics Wallah doubt section. 

How Physical chemistry question answer can improve your Numerical ability 

Physical chemistry is subject of numerical to solve physical chemistry questions you need a good understating of the chapter as well as application of concepts. Still it is observer that few students are facing problem in numerical , the reason may be different for different type of students and may be one the following 

1. Unable to apply concept in the given questions

2. Unable to understand the questions

3. Some time student understands the question still can’t find the way how to approach the questions

4. Solve the entire numerical but answer doesn’t match and unable to find the error 

If you are also facing these problems don’t worry it most common with physical chemistry, now the question is how to improve the numerical solving ability? the answer is right approach and developing an attitude to solve a numerical in multiple times. Always remember that no one can solve a good numerical in first time to develop numerical solving skill you need to be focused and must have high level of patience never dishearten and keep on trying. There are no tips no short cut to solve questions such thinks kill your concept as well as subject so never try to solve or learn tricks to solve questions. Now we are writing few points for better practicing of questions  A. Never try to solve questions if you don’t know the concept , before moving to numerical read the theory part of the chapter write down all important chemistry formula used in the chapter and try to memories the formula use in chapter. B start with solved questions, chemistry question and answer will help to understand the theory part of the chapter C. Always start with the first chapter without knowing mole and atomic structure don’t move to equilibrium try to make your concept clear in mole as will be applied in all chapters, for ionic equilibrium you must have clear concept of chemical equilibrium . therefor sequencing of the chapters are very important D. Ask your conceptual doubts in this page we have tried to write all possible doubts of chemistry and try to answer all questions in this section . 

The right approach to build organic chemistry through chemistry question and answers

Organic chemistry is subject of reaction and its mechanism so one must require clear concept of how the reaction take place means reaction mechanism . never question on why the reaction take place always try to find how the reaction take place, try to find out the reaction mechanism . start with understanding with the basic of organic chemistry and make proper notes of general organic chemistry understand how resonance , inductive effects and hyperconjugation works . try to find the stability of carbocations than move to isomerism its most important chapter and give time to understand the optical isomerism read good books like I.L.Finar vol-1 make your notes and start solving the questions of organic chemistry . ask questions to teacher in class , academic team of pw uploaded all possible answers of questions asked in organic chemistry . if you can’t find your questions and answer please feel free to post your questions . apart from all resource required for organic chemistry we have uploaded name reaction of organic chemistry check it out too for quick revision . Before solving questions from previous year, one must read the chapter reaction mechanism the major reaction mechanism which is required to excel in organic chemistry are E-1,E-2,SN1,SN2,SN1Ar,SN2Ar,& Benzyne reaction mechanism .  

Chemistry question answers is Highly useful to learn and remember Inorganic chemistry 

When it comes to inorganic chemistry student generally feel bore because of large information’s retention, and partial its true because if you are reading inorganic chemistry what you required is memorizing lots of pointer . so proper strategies is required to do good in inorganic chemistry . and it start with few innovating techniques to remember the important information’s. start with periodic table and try to remember the group and period and position of atom find out few poems to learn the periodic table. S-block and P-block elements are bigger chapter so start writing the notes in the form of question and answer form this will help you to remember the concepts for long duration of time . try to find out the exceptional cases and convert it in the form of questions and answer this way you can remember all the exceptional cases . 

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