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Physics Questions and answers

Physics Questions and answers of selected concepts 

Physics is subject of concept and its application you need right approach to solve the questions of physics. Doubts are common in physics subject and it must be address carefully .while solving questions in physics one must have very clear concepts and its applications which can be achieve by physics question and answers, think about how why about the given concept of physics it will accelerate your thinking ability and help you to build a solid foundation . 

Important points about chapters of Physics 

All students want to solve physics problem quickly so what is required ? Solving a physics question involves two major part one is Understanding the problem and second is deciding an approach to solve. Both these requirements can be achieved by  Physics Question and answer , when you solve the solved questions you know what are the mistake what you have done in the questions and while reading the solution you can develop the right approach to attempt the questions . while solving the questions of physics the most crucial part where the error is taken place is Calculating the answer, generally it is observed that student do mistake while calculating the questions such error not only decrease your score but also waste your time in examination hall so be carefully while writing the answers. 

Understanding Physics questions and then decide an approach to solve

To develop a right approach in question solving of physics you require practice and a touch of physics formula  if you like  the subject it always goes a long way. There are excellent Books and notes like HC Verma, Physics Wallah notes for physics such resource will make you love Physics. Such content impress and inspire you. There are some formulas for problems that occur frequently in the questions of physics so it will be better to write all physics formula in one page of your notes and try to remember it forever such think will help you in higher classes of physics too, You may try to memorize them but you can easily derive them if you have proper understanding. 

Work on basics of Physics and Physics Question and answer can help you to build solid foundation 

Before moving to solve or start physics one must be clear on basic maths and it application so start with  basic maths and chapters like trigonometry and calculus properly try to solve questions from these chapter of maths and write down all important formula required to solve such chapters . start working on building  in-depth understanding of concepts and its application with all applied formula and its derivations of physics do  not just mug up the formula or read the theory without understanding the core concept of chapter of physics it won’t last for long time. Once you are confident about the concept of the chapter of physics then only move to solve some simple solved examples which could clear your concepts and help you to develop the application of concept in questions , this can be achieved by reading Physics Question and answer uploaded by academic team of pw . try to  Solve the problems by drawing the figures or diagram and do not look at the solution while solving. In the beginning it would take a lot of time but at the end you can easily approach questions related to the subject. physics doubts


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