Question of Exercise 2

Acid Base And Salt of Class 10


Statement A: All alkalis are bases. Statement B: All bases are not alkalis.


Option 1 ‘A’ is true, ‘B’ is false.

Option 2 ‘A’ is false, ‘B’ is true.

Option 3 Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ are true.

Option 4 Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ are false.

Frequently Asked Questions

Name a metal which is soft and a non metal which is hard



  • Metals have the properties of being malleable, ductile, and sonorous.
  • Nonmetals, on the other hand, have limited tensile strength and cannot support a lot of weight.
  • In general, metals are hard and nonmetals are soft, although there are several exceptions.
  • Mercury, for example, is a soft metal, but Diamond is a hard nonmetal.

Final answer:

Hence, a soft metal is mercury and a hard non-metal is diamond .


What is the common name and chemical name of the compound CaOCl2



  • Common Name:-  Bleaching Powder
  • Chemical Name:-  Calcium Hypochlorite
  • It is an Inorganic Chemical Compound which is also known as Calcium oxychloride.

Final answer:

Common Name:-  Bleaching Powder

Chemical Name:-  Calcium Hypochlorite



State four differences between metals and non metals




  1. Metals are lustrous in nature i.e. have shiny appearance.
  2. Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity.
  3. Metals are malleable and ductile in nature.
  4. Metals have high melting and boiling points.


  1. Non-metals are dull in appearance.
  2. These are poor conductors of heat and electricity except graphite.
  3. These are soft in nature and can exist in all three states of matter.
  4. Having low melting and boiling point.

Final answer:

Metals are lustrous while non-metals are dull, metals are good conductor of heat and electricity while non-metals are bad, malleable and ductile nature shown by metals while non-metals are soft.



What is meant by the reactivity series of metals



The reactivity series is a collection of metals arranged in decreasing order of reactivity. As a result, the least reactive metal is placed at the bottom of the series, while the most reactive metal is positioned at the top.

Consider the following example:

Sodium, Potassium, Lithium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and Copper.

Final answer: 

Reactivity series is a collection of metals arranged in decreasing order of reactivity.


Cinnabar is an ore of

A: Zn

B: Sn

C: Pb

D: Hg



  • Ores  are naturally occurring rocks of minerals that contain different valuable parts such as metals . 
  • Minerals are raw forms in which ores exist . 
  • Cinnabar is an ore of mercury (Hg) .
  • It is composed of mercury sulfide (HgS) . It is a toxic chemical compound for humans .
  • It is the biggest source of mercury in the world .
  • Sulfides are converted into oxide ores by heating them in excess air . This process is called roasting .

Final answer:

The correct answer is D , i.e. , Hg .


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