Plant Pests

Animal Husbandry of Class 12

Plant Pests

  • Gundhi bug - Leptocorisa varicornis - rice bug
  • Sugar cane or corn borer - Chilo - larva of this moth bores into stem.
  • Stem borer - Agrotis, Pyrilla perpusilla - larva bores into stem of sugarcane, wheat,millets etc.
  • Gram borer - Heliotis - larva as borer in gram plants.
  • Lahi (bugs) - Aphids (Aphis) - on cruciferous and papillionaceae family plants.
  • Red cotton bug - Dysdercus - on cotton plant, Ladies finger etc.

Stored Grain Pests

  • Weevil - Sitophilus, - on wheat maize
  • Khapra beetle - On pulses
  • Flour beetle - Tribolium - on wheat dehusked rice

Locusts (Schistocerca migratoria) : The leaf hoppers, destroy the standing crops. They migrate in large groups from continent to continent, cover area of few km.

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