what is conductors and insulators

Chemical effect of electric current of Class 8



Those substances which allow electricity to pass through them easily are called conductors.

e.g. Most of the metals are conductors. Silver metal is the best conductor of electricity followed by copper, gold and aluminium. Electric wires are made of copper or aluminium because they have very low resistance due to which there is minimum loss of electric energy during its transmission.


Those substances which do not allow electricity to pass through them are called insulator.

Ex: Vacuum is the best insulator. In addition to it rubber, plastics, wood, mica, porcelain, etc. are insulators. Electricians wear rubber hand gloves while working with electricity. It is because rubber is an excellent insulator and protects the electrician from electric shock.


Those substances whose conductivity lies in between the conductors and insulators are called semi-conductors.

e.g. Silicon, germanium are semi-conductors.

Semi-conductors may become conductors by increasing its temperature.

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