Nomenclature Of Elements With Atomic No > 100

Periodic Properties of Class 11

The naming of the new elements had been left earlier traditionally to its discoverer and the suggested name was ratified by the IUPAC, but some of these elements have been assigned two names/ symbols. To overcome all these difficulties, the IUPAC appointed a Commission on Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry (CNIC). In 1997 IUPAC approved the names based on the following points.

  • The names are derived directly from the atomic numbers using numerical roots for 0 and numbers from 1-9 and adding the suffix ium
  • In certain cases, the names are shortened. For example biium & triium are shortened to bium & trium

Roots for IUPAC nomenclature of elements are given below.

Digit 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Root nil un bi Tri quad pent hex sept oct enn
Abbreviation n u b T q P h s O e

The recommended and official names of some super heavy elements are given below

Z Recommended name Symbol IUPAC official name IUPAC symbol
101 Unnilunium Unu Medelevium Md
102 Unnilbium Unb Nobelium No
103 Unniltrium Unb Lawrencium Lr
104 Unnilquadium Unq Rutherfordium Rf
105 Unnilpentium Unp Dubnium Db
106 Unnilhexium Unh Seaborgium Sg
107 Unniseptium Uns Bohrium Bh
108 Unniloctium Uno Hassnium Hs
109 Unnilennium Une Meitnerium Mt

Long Form of the Periodic Table and Electronic Configuration of Elements:

  • Each period starts with an alkali metal whose outermost electronic configuration is ns1.

  • Each period ends with a noble gas of outermost electronic configuration ns2np6 except He. The electronic configuration of He is 1s2

  • The number of elements in a period is equal to the number of necessary electrons to acquire the ns2np6 configuration in the outermost shell of the first element (alkali metal) of the period. First period contains two elements.

  • The number of elements in each period may be determined by the number of electrons in a stable configuration as under

Periods Stable electronic configuration Number of electrons
First 1s2 2
Second 2s22p6 8
Third 3s23p6 8
Fourth 4s23d104p6 18
Fifth 5s24d105p6 18
Sixth 6s24f145d106p6 32
Seventh 7s24f1-146d107p6 Incomplete
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