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Work Power And Energy of Class 11

A particle of mass 5 kg is free to slide on a smooth ring of radius r = 20 cm fixed in a vertical plane. The particle is attached to one end of a spring whose other end is fixed to the top point O of the ring. Initially the particle is at rest at a point A of the ring such that OCA = 60°, C being the centre of the ring. The natural length of the spring is also equal to r = 20 cm. After the particle is released and slides down the ring the contact force between the particle and the ring becomes zero when it reaches the lowest position B. Determine the force constant (in N/m) of the spring. 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum value of static friction is called

A: Limiting friction

B: Rolling friction

C: Normal reaction

D: Coefficient of friction



Limiting friction is the maximum value of the static friction. When a body overcomes the limiting friction, the body starts moving.

Final Answer:

Hence, option A is correct.

A running man has half the kinetic energy of that of a boy of half of his mass

The man speeds up by 1m/s , so that he has the same kinetic energy as that of the boy. The original speed of the man is?

kinetic energy1


kinetic energy2

Two particles are projected simultaneously in the same

vertical plane, from the same point, both with different speeds and at different angles horizontally. The path followed by one, as seen by the other, is

A: a vertical line

B: a parabola

C: a hyperbola

D: a straight line making a constant angle ( ≠ 90 ^∘ ) with horizontal






which is a constant. So the path followed by one, as seen by the other, is a straight line, making a constant angle with the horizontal.

Final answer:-

Hence, the correct option is (D).


Give two examples of the following Random motion





If an object in motion has no particular direction and its motion shifts unexpectedly, then it is said to have random motion.

Final answer:-

The two examples of random motion are:

Motion of a football player.

Movement of a mosquito.

During an adiabatic process the pressure of a gas

is proportional to the cube of its adiabatic temperature.The value of  Cp/Cv for that gas is :








Final answer:-

Hence, the correct option is (D).

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