Biology is a branch of science that deals with living organisms and their life processes. Biology recognizes the cell as the basic unit of life, genes as a unit of inheritance, and evolution as a motor that stimulates the formation of new species. The study of life helped shape the world. It has credible answers as to why things happen scientifically. Entrancei is a platform where CBSE class 9 biology students can study different behaviors of living beings and also discover interesting facts.


Entrancei study resources instill in-depth knowledge, and our textbook solutions, put together by our subject matter experts. Here you will find all the answers to CBSE Class 9 textbook questions. All of our solutions for CBSE Class 9 have been developed with the latest CBSE program in mind and change from time to time. Our Class 9 CBSE biology solutions strengthen your core principles and can help you get more grades on the exam. Refer to our textbook solutions at any time while you are doing your homework or preparing for the exam. Entrancei provides step-by-step solutions to each question in each chapter of the textbook. Our Class 9 biology solutions are built by our experts. These solutions help you review the entire chapter and you can increase your knowledge of biology.


  • Improve problem-solving skills for 9th-class biology.
  • Improve speed and accuracy by resolving these questions.
  • Help students develop a good strategy to approach and solve the class 9 standard biological questions.
  • It helps to identify weak areas well in advance of exam time so that students can spend more time on troubleshooting and clear concepts in the various chapters found in the biology class 9 textbook.
  • Helps review the entire program and familiarize you with important questions.
  • Develop a better understanding of all topics in the Class 9 biology book.
  • Become familiar with the exam pattern for upcoming biological exams.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How previous year's papers are helpful for class 9 Biology exam preparations?

Solving last year's Biology questionnaires is the best strategy to prepare for the grade 9 exam. Getting a perfect score in grade 9 exams is a dream for every student as it always helps in the future and helps to achieve a good grade in school. By solving class 9 biological questionnaires you will be able to improve your knowledge and understand the pattern and weight of critical questions and topics that are repeated in the exam. This will greatly increase your chances of getting a better grade on the exam. You need to do homework and solve these biology papers from last year.

2. What are the study tips for the class 9 biology exam?

Some of the best tips to help you get more points in the Class 9 Biology exam are as follows-

  • Prepare an appropriate plan and schedule for the study.
  • Focus on the basics and try to focus on the weaker areas.
  • Spend time on each of the concepts.
  • Practice as much as possible to get good results.
3. How to make class 9 biology notes?
  • Read the chapters and understand all the important points. Write down all concepts and important points from chapters in notes.
  • The diagram is an important part of the chapter for understanding the concepts, repeating each diagram over and over, and helping you pass the exam.
  • The textbook is required for students in Grade 9 Biology, so read the chapters of the textbook, understand the concepts and points, and try to solve the questions of the exercises in the Grade 9 Biology textbook.
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