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Sound of Class 8

class 8 science notes

The sound wave was discovered back as far as Leonardo da Vinci’s  (1452–1519) era. He discovered that sound travels in waves. He was a brilliant scientist, artist, and thinker and contributed many discoveries in the field of science. He was a man before his time who thought up inventions and ideas that came to be built far later by other engineers and scientists.

class 8 science notes Introduction

Christian Doppler later discovered that sound waves could be compressed or expanded, thereby, further expanding on da Vinci’s theory.

class 8 science notes Introduction

Sound waves have been rethought and the theory re-analyzed by many scientists throughout the years.

Sound and music are parts of our everyday sensory experience. Just as humans have eyes for the detection of light and color, so we are equipped with ears for the detection of sound.

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