Uni-GAUGE test scores will be published on the official website on May 28, 2018. Aspirants can check the scores by entering the required details under the applicant login on www.unigauge.com.

Aspirants will be required to apply to their preferred participating member University/institution with their test scores once the member University/institution issue notifications. The Universities will need candidate details who are participating in their admission process for verification and admission process.

Inter-Se Merit:
In case of a tie in test scores, the same will be resolved by the criteria pre-published by the Universities/Institutions as part of their admission process.

Online Score Card
Online Score Card will be available under Applicant’s login on www.unigauge.com in the month of May. Aspirants are required to download and obtain a printout of the online Score card. Candidates will not be entertained by member participating Universities/institutions for admission without the score Card.

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