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Photoelectric Physics


1. Photoelectric Effect

(a)Einstein’s photoelectric equation
photoelectric equation
where W is the photoelectric work function, v is the frequency of incident radiation, and vm is the maximum velocity of emitted electron.
If V is the stopping potential,Photoelectric Effect in Physics
Where vm is the maximum speed of ejection.
(b)Threshold frequency
v0 = W/h, Photoelectric Effect equation
(c)Energy of photon
EPhotoelectric equation Effect

2. Bohr's Atomic Model

(a)Radius of the Bohr orbit
(b)Energy of electron in the nth orbit
EEffect Photoelectric
(c)Velocity of electron
Photoelectric Effect equations
(d)Spectral series
wave number,equation of Photoelectric Effect
where,physics Photoelectric Effect
(e)Ionization energy of hydrogen atom
I.E = –13.6 eV
Energy of hydrogen atom in the ground state = –13.6 eV
(f)The values of constants
Photoelectric Effect equation values eV-nm
Photoelectric Effect values constants (where Photoelectric Effect where values constants )
Photoelectric value Effect(for electron)
Bohr magneton,for electron Photoelectric Effect
(g)Series limits (for Balmer etc, in hydrogen atomic spectra) are calculated for transitions from n = ∞ state.

3. X-Rays

(a)Continuous X-ray
λmin = hc/eV
(b)Mosley’s law
Frequency (say Kα like x-ray)
Photoelectric Effect mosley(here a is constant)
b = 1 for Kα line
(c)Bragg’s law
,Photoelectric Effect bragg law where n = 1, 2 , 3 ,…………..
d is a lattice distance and θ is glancing angle

4. Nuclear Physics

(a)Law of radioactive decay
Photoelectric Effect law of radioactive decay, where λ is the decay constant, N0 the number of atoms at t = 0 and N, the number of atoms remaining after time t
Activity Photoelectric Effect atoms (unit is Becquerel)
Half life period,Photoelectric Effect units is Becquerel
(b)Energy-mass equivalence
E = mc2
1 atomic mass unit = 931 MeV (denoted as a.m.u or u)
(c)Nuclear binding energy
E =Photoelectric Effect Energy-mass equivalence
Photoelectric Effect Nuclear binding energy


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