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The branch of science that deals with the study of living organisms are called Biology. Biology opens up opportunities to study issues that affect the world. Why are you sick? How do you get your food? Familiarize yourself with all these important aspects of life and more by learning the concepts in the Grade 8 Biology curriculum. Entrancei gives you to use resources such as chapter notes, and practice tests.

If you want to earn high marks, you can create a study plan to use the material in a disciplined way. When you have the right 8th-grade Biology learning material, you will have more motivation to study. During the self-study, you can visit our study portal and take a Biology test or try a sample paper whenever you want.


Entrancei staff participated in inventing the best quality study material that would bring the greatest success to the students. We have prepared 8th-grade Biology study material after continuous study of previous works. Biology students can take 8th grade directly from our site. Students must register with us and can evaluate the previous study material with one click. These studies are designed in such a way that they can be shared among friends and read by any reader. Entrancei is known for its good learning tools and resources that help students learn faster and better. These solutions will help you improve your knowledge of every subject and knowledge. You will be able to easily clear all your doubts based on the questions and answers that will improve your exam preparation.


  • Before you begin exam preparation, familiarize yourself with the syllabus
  • Study daily to understand the problem and resolve the doubt.
  • Biology is the subject of diagrams and explanations. Therefore, make sure that the diagram to be displayed is as neat and tidy as possible and labeled correctly.
  • When providing the theoretical answers or explanations for the diagrams, include points to explain each marked part.
  • Break down the big concepts into smaller parts as you study. Test yourself after studying each topic.
  • Don't ignore the simple concepts. This leads to test errors and loss of grades.
  • Don't forget to do a quick check before the test. This gives you confidence.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.Why should you study biology in 8th-grade?
  • Biology is a topic that connects us to the world or the ecosystem in which we live.
  • Studying biology also reminds us of our interdependence with all other forms of life.
  • Biology enables students to make decisions about their health and hygiene.
  • Learning in biology provides career opportunities in a variety of fields such as a doctor, animal welfare officer, biochemist, biotechnologist, genetic engineer, zoologist, etc.
2.How to write CBSE class 8 Biology exam?

Biology is the subject of diagrams and explanations. Therefore, make sure that the diagram to be displayed is marked as clearly as possible and correctly. As you provide answers or explanations for the diagrams to the theory, make points to explain each highlighted part, such as the digestive system, and so on.

3.How do I get good marks in CBSE Grade 8 Biology?

Biology is considered a nightmare for students preparing for the 8th-grade CBSE exam. It is not just a question of theory but is half based on practical. Read the topic and concepts in the book carefully, trying to solve practical and interesting questions. If you prepare with the right strategy, you will get good grades in biology. Never try to attempt controversial questions that are not clear to you as it will take up your time.

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