Chemical reaction and equation class 10

Chemical Reaction And Equation of Class 10

Chemistry is defined as that branch of science which deals with the composition and properties of matter and the changes that matter undergoes by various interactions.

A chemical compound is formed as a result of a chemical change and in this process different types of energies such as heat, electrical energy, radiation etc. are either absorbed or evolved. The total mass of the substance remains the same throughout the chemical change.

In our day-to-day life, we witness numerous chemical reactions. How would you describe them to someone else? How could you obtain quantitative information about the reactions? To answer these questions, we have to use chemical equations. By definition, a chemical equation is a written representation of chemical reaction in the form of symbols and formulas, showing both the reactants and products, their physical states, and the direction in which the reaction proceeds. In addition, many chemical equations also indicate the conditions necessary for the reaction to occur. This chapter chemical reaction and equation class 10 we will discuss in detail 

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