Van't Hoff Factor

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What is Van't Hoff Factor(i) 

Since colligative properties depend upon the number of particles of the solute, in some cases where the solute associates or dissociates in solution, abnormal results for molecular masses& colligative properties are obtained.

Van't Hoff Factor(i) : Van't Hoff, to account for all abnormal cases introduced a factor,i,known as the Van't Hoff factor, such that

Association: There are many organic solutes which in non-aqueous solutions undergo association, that is, two or more molecules of the solute associate to form a bigger molecule. Thus, the number of effective molecules decreases. For eg. Acetic acid in benzene and chloroacetic acid in naphthalene. Do read NCERT text book and solve questions with the help of NCERT solutions for class 12 chemistry .

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Van't Hoff Factor

Van't Hoff Factor

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