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What is equivalent weight of oxalic acid

Method to calculate equivalent weight of oxalic acid

To calculate equivalent weight of oxalic acid you must have a clear concept on valency factor which we say n-factor , Equivalent weight of any molecule can be define as Molecular weight divided by n-factor ,

Equivalent weight. =  Molecular weight/n-factor

Now before answering to the question calculate equivalent weight of oxalic acid ? lets understand the rule to calculate Equivalent weight of acid

Acids : The number of moles of replaceable H+ ions per mole of the acid i.e.basicity.

For example, HNO3; n = 1; H2SO4; n =2; H3PO4; n = 3, H3PO3; n = 2, H3BO3; n = 1

Oxalic acid Molecular formula is H2C2O4

Oxalic acid Molecular weight is H2C2O4.  =. 126

Oxalic acid n-factor =. Because it can give 2 H+ ion so n-factor= 2

We know that Equivalent weight. =  Molecular weight /n-factor

Therefore, the equivalent weight of the oxalic acid is 126/2 = 63.

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