Vitamines of Nucleotides

Molecules of Cell of Class 11

Nucleotides of Vitamins

Some B-complex vitamins from nucleotides either alone or combined with other nucleotides. They function as important coenzymes.

Vitamin Nucleotide Components

1. Nicotinamide (i) NAD+- Nicotinamide Adenine Nicotinamide-Ribose-Phosphate-Phosphate-

Dinucleotide Ribose-Adenine

(ii) NADP+ Nicotinamide Adenine Nicotinamide-Ribose-Phosphate-Phosphate

Dinucleotide Phosphate Phosphoribose-Adenine

2. Riboflavin (i) FMN Flavin Mononucleotide Riboflavin-Phosphate

(ii) FAD Flavin Adenine Riboflavin-Phosphate-Phosphate-Ribose-Adenine

3. Pentothenic CoA Coenzyme A Pentothenic Acid-Mercaptoethylamine-Phosphate

Acid Phosphate-Phosphoribose-Adenine

Coenzyme A is useful in converting acetate, succinate and other hydrocarboxy radicals into active state for various reactions, e.g. acetyl CoA, succinyl CoA, acyl CoA.

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