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Reimer-Tiemann Reaction

About Reimer-Tiemann Reaction

An alkaline solution of phenol is refluxed with chloroform at 60°C, distilling off the excess of chloroform and acidifying the residual liquid with sulphuric acid. As a result, o-hydroxy and p-;hydroxy benzaldehyde are formed, which are separated by steam-distillation.

Reimer-Tiemann Reaction

Reaction Mechanism of Reimer-Tiemann Reaction

Mechanics of Reimer-Tiemann Reaction

If ‘o’ both the o-positions are blocked, p-hydroxy benzaldehyde is the main product. With blocked p-position, o-hydroxy benzaldehyde and cyclohexadienones are formed.

Reimer-Tiemann Reaction

Cyclohexadienone derivative remains unhydrolysed as it has a neopentylic system, which involves lot of steric crowding.

When phenol is refluxed with CCl4 in alkaline medium, salicylic acid is formed.

Example of Reimer-Tiemann Reaction 

example of Reimer-Tiemann Reaction

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