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Corporate Intelligence

Career in Corporate Intelligence

Introduction About Corporate Intelligence

Corporate intelligence helps in making business decisions and strategies. It assesses and gives important information on present and prospective business and other matters to assist companies to avoid risks, venture into new markets/fields, mitigate business problems andcarry out investigations. Its activities and work improves business opportunities.It adds to corporate, financial and legal intelligence of a company.Corporate intelligence becomes pre-requisite for new investments, combined ventures and procurements/acquisitions. It greatly helps in enhancing business opportunities and on basis of trustworthy information.

Courses Eligibility in Corporate Intelligence

CIP®-I and Master of CI CIP®-II Module Courses CIP™-I Level Certification requires completion of courses CI 101®, CI 301, CI 302, CI 303, CI 304. Once you have completed these courses you would be eligible to take the exam.
Master of CI CIP™-II Level Certification requires completion of courses CI 401, CI 402, CI 403, and CIP™-I certification. You cannot receive the Master of CI CIP™-II certification without first receiving the CIP™-I certification.

Colleges/Institutes/Universities for Corporate Intelligence

Academy of Competitive Intelligence (ACI) (Accredited Training + Certification Program) 6th Floor, Tower B, Green Boulevard, Sector 62, Noida, 201309, Website:

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