Biology classification of plant kingdom

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Biology classification of plant kingdom

Based on the system of classification proposed by A.W. Eichler (1875-78), the plant kingdom is divided into two sub-kingdoms.

They are

I. Cryptogamae,

II. Phanerogamae.


This sub-kingdom is sub-divided into three divisions

  • Thallophyta :Thallophyta is the most primitive and the largest division of Cryptogams. The plant body is not differentiated and is known as thallus.Resolve all Your Biology Doubts from Physics Wallah.

It is classified into Algae and Fungi.


Algae are chlorophyll bearing thalloid, autotrophic and largely aquatic plants.

Eg. Spirogyra


Fungi are achlorophyllous heterotrophic thallophytes.

Eg. Rhizopus


Bryophytes are chlorophyllous, autotrophic, embryophytic and atracheophytic cryptogams. They are amphibians of plant kingdom.

Eg. Funaria


Pteridophyta are chlorophyllous, autotrophic embryophytic and tracheophytic cryptogams.

Eg. Pteris


Phanerogams are flower bearing, seed producing tracheophytes. This subkingdom has only one division Spermatophyta.


They are seed plants with or without fruits. Seprmatophyta is classified into two sub-divisions.


Gymnosperms are phanerogams or spermatophytes without ovary and fruit.

Eg. Cycas, Pinus, Gentum


Angiosperms are the flowering plants in which the seeds are enclosed by fruits. They are divided into two classes.


They have two cotyledons in their seeds. Eg. Bean


They possess only one cotyledon in their seeds. Eg. Maize

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Biology classification of plant kingdom

Biology classification of plant kingdom

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