Parts of fruits

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Parts of fruit

Fruit has two main parts

(i) Seed (ii) Pericarp (fruit wall)

Generally thicker pericarp remains differentied into

(i) Epicarp (ii) Mesocarp and (iii) Endocarp.

All fruits whether true or false may be classified into three groups

i) Simple fruits

(ii) Aggregate fruits and

(iii) Composite fruits.

Simple fruits

They develop from monocarpellary or multicarpellary syncarpous ovary.Resolve all Your Biology Doubts from Physics Wallah.

They are divided into two types on the basis of thickness of pericarp

(i) Dry fruits (ii) Succulent or Fleshy fruits.

Dry fruits

Here pericarp becomes more or less dry when ripe. Dry fruits are divided into three types:

i) Dehiscent fruits or capsular fruits

Here pericarp is ruptured after ripening of fruit which helps in dispersion of seeds.

ii) Indehiscent fruits or Achenial fruits

Seeds liberate out after the disintegration of the pericarp.

iii) Schizocarpic fruits or Splitting fruits

Here carpels split into one seeded parts which is also called mericarp.

Dehiscent fruits

They are further divided into five types

i) Legume or Pod

They develop from monocarpellary, half inferior and unilocular ovary, dehisces by two suture (one on each side) e.g. Pea, Bean, Pulses. Family: Fabaceae.

ii) Follicle

They develop from monocarpellary superior, unilocular ovary. They dehisce by one suture only. e.g. Calotropis.

iii) Siliqua

They develop from bicarpellary, syncarpous, superior ovary. Ovary initially is unilocular but later on becomes bilocular due to the development of false septum called replum. Here dehiscence occurs from lower side towards upper side. This is characteristic feature of Brassicaceae family. e.g. Brassica.

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Parts of fruits

Parts of fruits

Parts of fruits

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