what is vegetative reproduction in plants?

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what is vegetative reproduction in plants? find the details 


Vegetative reproduction occurs by the following methods:

Fragmentation: Mycelium may break accidentally into two or more parts. Each segment develops into complete mycelium.

Fission: It occurs in unicellular forms where cell division produces two daughter cells e.g., yeasts.

Budding: The protrusion grows out into a bud. The bud constricts at the bases and separates into a new individuals e.g., yeasts. Sometime a number of buds may be seen attached to the parent cell, e.g., torula.

Chlamydospores: They are thick walled, black, multinucleate resting spores formed by the collection of protoplasm at one or many places from the adjacent places. They are mostly intercalary and after the separation, germinate to produce new mycelia, e.g., Rhizopus, Mucor, Ustilago, etc.

Oidia (Arthrospores): Oidia are thin walled structures produced in chain. They are formed by the segmentation of hypha in the presence of excess water, sugar and salts. They germinate immediately after liberation and produce new mycelia, e.g., Mucor. The oidia formation in Mucor represents the Torula stage.

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what is vegetative reproduction in plants?

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