What is a simple definition of fungi?

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What is a simple definition of fungi? Find the Answer


The term ‘fungus’ (plural: fungi) is a Latin word meaning mushroom, and this term was coined by Gaspard Bauhin (1560-1624). The science of study of fungi is known as mycology (Gk. mykes: mushroom; logos. study) or mycetology.

Father of mycology: Pier Antonio Micheli (1 679-1737).

Father of systematic mycology: E. M. Fries (1794-1878).

Father of modem mycology and plant pathology: H. A. de Bary.

Father of lndian mycology and plant pathology: E. J. Butler.

R. Kirtiker was the first Indian scientist who collected and identified fungi.

Whittaker (1969) placed this group of achlorophyllous organisms in a separate kingdom Fungi.


Alexopoulos (1952) defined fungi as nucleated, achlorophyllous organisms, which typically reproduce sexually and asexually and whose usually filamentous, branched somatic structures are surrounded by walls containing cellulose or chitin or both.

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What is a simple definition of fungi?

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