What is the most important function of a family?

Biology Doubts

Economic importance of family

The members of this family are sources of vegetables (food), oils, medicines, spices and some are ornamentals.

I) Vegetables (Food)

  1. Brassica campestris var. sarson (Phi Sarson) : Tender shoots are used as source of vegetable (Sarson Ka Saag).
  2. B. oleracea var. botrytis (Cauliflower or Phool gobhi) : Underdeveloped inflorescence is used as source of vegetable.
  3. B. oleracea var. capitata (Cabbage or Band gobhi) : Leafy buds are source of vegetable.
  4. B. oleracea var. caulorapa (gong ylodes) – (Knol–Khol or Ganth gobhi) – Thickened fleshy stem is source of vegetable.
  5. Brassica rapa (Turnip or Shalgam): Fleshy roots are eaten.
  6. Raphanus sativus (Radish or Mooli): Fleshy roots and pods are sources of vegetable.

II) Oils

  1. Brassica campestris: Seeds are source of Coiza oil (Sarson Ka TeD.
  2. Brassica napus or B. campestris var. toria: Seeds are source of ‘Indian rape oil’ or Tel toria.
  3. Brassica juncea (Indian mustard or Rye) : Seeds produce oil.
  4. Brassica alba and B. nigra: (White mustard and Black mustard or Kafl Rye).
  5. Eruca sativa (Taramira) : Taramira oil is obtained from seeds, which is used as a cooking medium,

After extraction of oil from all these seeds, oil cake is left, which is nutritious cattle feed and s used as fertilizer.

III) Medicines and spices

  1. Rorippa montana: It is stimulant and also a good appetizer.
  2. Lepidium sativum: Liver troubles, asthama and piles are cured by tender shoots.
  3. Cherianthus cheiri: Fever and bronchitis are cured by the seeds of this plant.
  4. Lobularia: Used in gonorrhoea.
  5. Iberis amara: In gout and rheumatism.
  6. B. alba, B. nigra and B. juncea (rye) : Seeds are used as spices.

IV) Ornamentals

  1. Iberis amara (Candytuft or Chandni) : Winter herb grown for its white, beautiful flowers.
  2. Cherianthus cheiri (Wall flower).

Important function of a family pdf

What is the most important function of a family?

What is the most important function of a family?

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