What is Amoebocytes function?

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Amoebocytes function

These are main cells of mesohyl, derived from the cells of pinacoderm and choanoderm. These possess pseudopodia.

Types of Amoebocytes


Largest in number, totipotent undifferentiated or embryonic, can transform into other types of cells, also form gametes, important in regeneration.


Nourishing or nurse cells, receive partially digested food from choanocytes, digest it and distribute the same to other parts.


Store food granules.


Remove foreign substance as well as degenerate cells of body.


Form spicules, it may be of Calcoblast (for Calcacoreous spicules) or Silicoblast (for Siliceous spicules)


Contain pigment granules and excretory substance.


Secrete collagen fibres for mesohyl layer.


Form a circular sphincter around the osculum, help in closing and opening of osculum.

Gland c​ells

Secrete slimy sticky substance.

Ger​m cells

Form sperms or ova and develop during breeding season.

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What is Amoebocytes function?

What is Amoebocytes function?

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