Oxyacids Of Chlorine

Inorganic Compound of Class 12

Different oxyacids of chlorine are :

Formula Name Corresponding Salt
HOCl Hypochlorous acid Hypochlorites
HClO2 Chlorous acid Chlorites
HClO3 Chloric acid Chlorates
HClO4 Perchloric acid Perchlorates

Acidic Character: Acidic character of the same halogen increases with the increase in oxidation number of the halogen:

Reason: It is because the release of H +ion in each case would result in the formation of CIO4-, CIO3-, CIO2- and CIO-ions. Now more is the number of oxygen atoms in the ion greater is the dispersal of the negative charge and hence more is the stability of resulting ion. Since a more stable ion would be formed relatively with more ease, therefore, the ease of formation  of ions would be
CIO4- > CIO3- > CIO2- > CIO-

HOCl :Ca(OCl)2+ 2HNO3  → Ca(NO3)2+ 2HOCl
2HgO + H2O + 2CI2 Hgo.HgCl2↓ + 2HOCl
        (insoluble basic mercury chloride)

HCIO2: BaO2 + 2CIO2 Ba(CIO2)2(liquid) + O2
Ba(CIO2)2 + H2SO4(dil.) → BaSO4↓ + 2HCIO2

HCIO3: 6Ba(OH)2 + 6CI2 → 5BaCI2 + Ba(CIO3)2 + 6H2O
Ba(CIO3)2 + H2SO4(dil.) → BaSO4↓ + 2HCIO3

3HCIO3 → HCIO4 + 2CIO2 + H2O


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